May 6, 2015

Amigurumi and my craft room

Let me introduce you to Mr. Murasaki! My first try at Amigurumi. I have collected the recipes for these crocheted creatures for a while but too intimidated to try. Finally I did it. I started with an elephant which I found out later that it's not that easy. So my blog friend Stina Saem sent me this recipe of a simple Amigurumi Own. Here is the free RECIPE

My version of Mr. Murasaki is very different from what it looks like in the recipe but I actually think he came out ok....It took me an hour to crochet and I used some cotton yarn that I bought from Etsy while back.

I have been busy with the bedroom upstairs. New carpets are being put in. I had to empty the rooms since they will do all three rooms at the same time. I also organized my craft room...I moved stuff around and made room for more yarn!

I love this set up. The room is usually bright and cozy

Enjoy today!
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