April 24, 2015

I shell tell you

Spring....Spring Deco oh what to do....
I went to the Christmas Tree Shop yesterday to kill time before it was time to pick up my son. It is always a joy walking in there...you just don't know what you are getting or what you will experience. I enjoy the variety of people that go there and while I was grabbing some shells I got into a conversation with a lady that had a Chihuahua with her in a baby Bjorn. Yes it was awfully cute and then she started telling me about all the pups she had to leave at home as she rolled out her little photo album and I got to see the whole family of doggies. Anyhow...She had quite a collection of furry friends and was so proud of each and every one of them as I got to hear their names and personalities. So if you think I am a crazy doggy Mom think again! 

Here is what I grabbed:

When I saw the Nautical looking bowl/vase I knew that was a piece that I really had to have. The robe handle called for some shells, sand or whatever. I quickly grabbed the last one on the shelf and found some shells. They are actually the real deal, but not the starfish and the  sandollars. I also found battery operated candles with a timer and 2 sassy lady friends that I took a liking to immediately as I saw them....It's almost like they were calling my name

So here is what I did:
I filled the bottom with sand that I had at home, stuck the candle in the middle and filled it with shells. Easy Peasy.

I already had the wooden candle holders. I got them at Target a while ago. The balls with the rope too
I thought it would just be splendid to create a little theme for my Dining Room table....Who says the centerpieces have to be 360....

Here are the two sassy sisters Dream and Relax...I just lov'em

I played with this a little bit and moved it around as I always do...that's part of the fun

And when it started getting dark out  I had to snap a photo...Love the look

Enjoy your weekend!

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