April 22, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

Finally..... The weather is cooperating with us.... The winter was long and harsh and as a new dog owner brutal! Not only was I training an energetic puppy but I had to walk the little fellah everyday since my backyard was filled with snow and little paths only do so much. His short little legs couldn't handle it! It was a funny sight actually. Now He is outside in the yard all day long watching over the house and greeting bypassers. We still go to the dog park to socialize and exercise and maybe soon to swim. Anyways, Hubby and my 2 sons went to England this weekend and left me home alone. I was in great company obviously since Nugget follows me everywhere. On Saturday I woke up to this beautiful weather...it was warm and sunny and absolutely gorgeous and what better things to do than do some planting

The focus was mostly on the entryway since the yard hadn't been cleaned up but I think curb appeal is so important and makes the house more beautiful for everyone. I got a mix of flowers. No greens as I usually do since I know I am going to kill those Pansies and then I can fill in with some greenery! No I don't have a green thumb although I try hard and I am getting so much better! 

My new "favorite" flower Ranunculus 

Pansies and Daisies and a little bit of Forget Me Not 

Pretty-ing up the Garage door area with some colors

And the shed area

Looks like a Shabby Shed....

One big planter in the back to start out with! I am so incredibly lucky to have a helper with me at all times :-)

This is my favorite picture....I painted the planter some time ago and made it look shabby. Then I left it out one winter and it got weatherized....Is that a word?

Anyhow, hope your weekend was pleasant and if you like this post hit the "LIKE" button for me or share! 

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  1. I am so pleased to see spring is finally here. There are a variety of projects I want to do indoors and outside. Your Adirondack chairs reminded me I want to get two of those for our backyard.


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