November 1, 2013


Yesterday I went from this

To That...

I had a big bowl of Make-Up on the counter and even more in my drawers.  I love organizing and it makes me so happy when the "system" actually works.
 First thing I did was to weed out stuff that was old and expired and's amazing how much you accumulate through the years. I got these organizers few years ago for my daughter at Bed Bath and Beyond. She wasn't using them anymore so I snagged them

The tray fits perfectly into the bathroom drawers 

Out of sight, organized and easy to find things. Little things like that make me happy!

Enjoy your weekend!
Looks like a busy one here.
Leaves are everywhere and it's time for Fall clean up and putting stuff away for the winter.


  1. I've never seen those organizers before!! Karó

  2. Looking good! So tidy and beautiful :)


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