October 30, 2013

Dinner Plates

I have always admired beautiful dinnerware, I remember my very first plates from Pier One. They were aqua colored and looked almost like a cracked Robins egg. Looking back at it I find them horrendous. The next set I got was from Ikea and I can't remember why I switched them out for the ones I have today but things get broken and we have actually moved quite a bit through the years so no wonder things wear out. I also noticed that the plates chip more if the kids are loading the dishwasher. The plates I currently own are just plain white and are sort of mix and match from various places. I decided that that white would be the most practical and easy to replace if something breaks. Last week, however I had to run to Home Goods for new silverware... 
 The set I had was a wedding gift. The brand is Italian so it always looked way to small compared to our plates. It served us well through all these years so there were no complaints but I finally broke down and got a new set when there was only 1 spoon left, few forks but the knives were all there... I am blaming it entirely on the kids. Either them or the silverware ghost! Here is a picture of the traditional plates I have, not very exciting really

I was thinking a little bit about adding a color to it but still use the white sort of like this

That way I wouldn't have to get a completely new set...

As I was browsing through the Internet I got totally lost in the plate world 
These Kate Spade plates are adorable

And the Seasonal one's

Then I came across these eclectic plates from West Elm

Back to Earth...

These colors definitely work...The plates I found at Williams Sonoma
I like how different patterns and colors are mixed together. What do you think?
Happy Hump Day

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