November 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Arrangement

Halloween down....Thanksgiving next. My favorite Holiday!
My little Pumpkins are still in great shape so I decided to make arrangement for the Thanksgiving Dinner table. I currently have silver and glass candleholders on the table covered with a
white tablecloth so why not add a little color. I had all the things on hand in my floral box so I just used whatever I had. The silver bowls I had already bought at the Salvation Army for few bucks. I stacked 3 small wicker wreaths together to create a tunnel, and stuck a green floral foam inside the middle to hold them in place. I covered the foam with aluminum foil in case I needed to glue it.

A little Spanish moss (and regular too) leftover potpourri glued in here and there, some pinecones and straws that I found outside with the pumpkin on top!

A very fast and easy project to do. I love how irregular it looks and rustic on top of that silver bowl
What do you think? Like?
Happy Monday Y'all
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  1. LOVE it! Svo flott :)

    ps. mig langar að koma á Thanksgiving!

  2. Skemmtilegar andstæður - kemur vel út!


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