October 18, 2013

A Mini Make-Over in the Family Room

I did a little re-arranging in the Family Room today, nothing big just you know, musical chairs again. The room is very oblong and it's always been sort of challenging to fit 2 couches in there without blocking the fireplace.  I decided to move the 2 seater into my craft room-(more on that later) and keep the 3 seater in there but I pushed it closer towards the TV to put a console table behind it. Why? I had a gift card to HomeGoods and couldn't wait to spend it...Ha Ha...Thanks Irene and Ed- You guys rock! At HG I saw these beautiful lamps and I just couldn't resist them $20 bucks each...nothing to stress out about right?
The console table was already in the living room. Here's a photo

With the 2 seater gone I needed a chair...remember this baby?

Well since the couch was going in there I decided to stick the chair and the mismatch ottoman in the living room. But before I reveal the changes I need to remind you how the room looked before (Of course I forgot to take before photos)

Ok, so are you ready for some after photos? I can't believe how much 2 little lamps change things. The room is really cozy and warm and the shutters that cover the big windows are so much more pronounced

Sorry...I couldn't stop snapping photos of the lamps- I love them!
So here is what I placed in the spot where the console table was...a smaller console that I had...not quite sure it gets to stay there or not...sometimes you just have to wait and see

So with this post I wish you a great weekend, where ever you are in the world. I would love to hear from you guys, I see that there at least 450 people that read my blog every day from all over the world...Iceland, USA, Russia, UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, France and Netherlands....


  1. Hæ! Sá bloggið þitt hjá henni Soffíu (Dossu) og kíki hingað inn mjög reglulega...gaman að fá hugmyndir að breytingum. Rosalega flott breyting hjá þér eins og allt annað sem þú gerir! Keep up the good work :)

    Margrét Helga

  2. Everything looks fabulous... time for a party! xox Cindy

  3. Kemur mjög vel út..
    kv Ása

  4. Mjög flottar breytingar, lamparnir eru æði...virkilega kósí :)


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