October 21, 2013

Slipcover in Dining room

I have been bored with my Dining room furniture for a while. I love the buffet and the wall unit but I am tired of the table and especially the chairs. I have been on the lookout for slipcovers for the chairs but they are so expensive, until I found these from Bed Bath And Beyond. $9.99 each...pretty good price. I bought 6 covers and put them on but there was a problemo...they didn't fit really well. My dining room chairs are pretty big and these covers are made for standard chairs. Here is a before picture for you so you see the difference

So I put my thinking hat on and decided to take the cover apart and re-sew it. It was a pretty easy project but tedious. I am glad I went ahead and did it, now it fits perfectly

I got out my silver and put it on the Dining room table. It looks very classy now and I am looking forward to decorating it for the Holidays

I love the ribbon on the back... I have so many ideas with how to add some little things to it like this feather...

I am liking this new look. It brightens up the room and can be easily changed.
Enjoy your week, I am looking at a pretty busy week ahead. My childhood girlfriend is coming to visit and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for us to do so I probably won't be blogging much, but hey who knows when I get the urge to share something with you!

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