August 20, 2013

Nutty Next Week

Making a list and checking it several times.... Next week is a busy one! Back to school for both boys. The older one is moving into his dorm on Thursday and we are slowly stocking up on things and putting everything in containers for a smooth move in! He is also having an oral surgery that day...not the wisdom teeth though thank goodness...just a little procedure. The younger son is starting 8th grade on Wednesday (I can't believe it) so we need to get a move on and go out for school supplies. Tuesday will be busy (notice I go backwards) I have furniture deliveries scheduled for Charlestown. I managed to schedule 3 different companies on the same day plus get a move in pass from the building! Only took me 2 hours on the phone yesterday morning... I also have to move in all the stuff I have accumulated that's sitting in my living room...wanna see?

Yeah....that's not even all of it!
All happening while Hubby is away. He will be in Europe all next week so I am one busy Mama.
Last weekend we spent both days painting the bedroom walls, bathroom and the walk in closet. We decided to hire help for the rest to speed things up. The ever changing color decisions were finally nailed down and here is what I went with...All walls are Olympus White from Sherwin Willams and One of the bedroom walls I painted Naval, also from S.W.
Paint Color SW 6253 Olympus White from Sherwin-Williams

Paint Color SW 6244 Naval from Sherwin-Williams
The Naval one came out so great! Can't wait to show you....
Planning on one more post about the Charlestown project and then the big reveal...
Who's ready?


  1. Það er frábært að fylgjast með blogginu þínu, fæ margar góðar hugmyndir, hlakka til að sjá Charlestown íbúðina tilbúna.
    kv frá Fróni, Sigga Rósa

  2. Alltaf til í skemmtilegar færslur frá þér!

  3. Takk stelpur minar! Gaman ad heyra...takk


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