August 14, 2013

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

I am sure you have all tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or at least the generic kind. I keep a pack in my home at all times. I learned yesterday (as I was polishing my nails and spilled on the wood floor) that a simple swipe got it all off. I use it to clean my fridge, pots and pans, inside my plastic containers, my Boy's soccer cleats or any other shoes with grass stains, I use it to remove rust, built up soap scum, I remove toilet bowl rings...A trick from a friend of mine who cuts off a piece of Magic Eraser and let's it sit in the toilet overnight to clean and I have even remove dried spray paint with it! 

For more info on ways to use the magic eraser here is the LINK

Dryer Sheets. Period.

I love them. For my closets, drawers, garage, underneath the car seats, stick them into smelly shoes, gym bags, tape a sheet to your HVAC vents to scent the air circulating through your home, clean paintbrushes (never tried it myself but planning on it) 
....and of course for the dryer so your towels come out soft, and good smelly!

My friends in Rochester NY use it for their Vineyard. They say that it discourages the Deer to eat the grapes since they associate the smell with humans.
I have also heard that they are supposed to be insect and rodent repellents but a simple experience I did the other night didn't work for Mosquito's :-(

Well if you have no idea what to do with your dryer sheets you could make a dress....Yes!

Say Yes to the dress....That is a cool show...

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