July 17, 2013

More Findings

 But there is more...I came across this old mirror on my on my trip to Salvation Army on Monday. I wasn't sure about it at first but decided to grab it

 I had no idea what to do with it so I painted it all white. It didn't look very exciting so I used some leftover paint in Cocoa (Annie Sloan of course)  on the outside trim. I did a coat of yellow  first and then 2 coats of white over. I finished the whole thing with scrubbing the heck out of it with a rough sandpaper so the yellow would shine through a little bit. I think it came out cute and I placed it on my mantle with the flowers I picked and dried from my garden in June

Next on the list is this iron cross. On the back was a price sticker from Home Goods for $24
I only paid $7 for it

I simply sprayed it with matte spray from Home Depot that I always keep on hand and roughed it up with sandpaper. It looks a little crooked once it's on the wall but that's ok

Virgin Mary with her boy...I sprayed her with matte white paint lightly few times. I haven't found a spot for her yet though. My neighbor came over last night and told me that the statue looked creepy but I am not listening to that nonsense!

I grabbed these 2 books with me and sprayed them white to cover the title on the spine, I added a brown paper to one of them and tied together with a string that came from some poutporri package way back ( I never throw away stuff like that ) and strung a heart on them

The little ceramic heart got a new ribbon and a good scrubbing before I hung it on the shutter

So that's about it! Another successful trip to the Salvy. Sometimes you don't see anything and other times there are several things that tickle your fancy!
Hope you enjoyed my DIY mini projects as much as I did.
Later Folks

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