July 17, 2013

Feed USA + Target

How great are these products for sale at Target right now!

Target has in partnership with Lauren Bush founder of FEED launched a Lifestyle line of over 50 products. The organization is called  FEED USA+
The proceeds of product sales will provide meals for hungry children and families in America. 
The products range from aprons and bakeware to shirts, bags and even bicycles.
I personally love the design, Americana style, fun, hip and summery. I have stocked up on few items...some are gifts and some are for myself!
If you wish to check out Lauren's Company FEED and learn more about the foundation here is the link:  http://www.thefeedfoundation.org/ (...and yes this is George's Bush little Niece)
Each FEED item has printed on it a number that signifies the number of meals donated to families as a result of the purchase, meaning that you can totally wear your altruistic heart on your sleeve.
These are my favorites:

I already stocked up as you can see

For those who are interested here is the link to Target where all all the info is posted including prices: Target Feed USA+

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  1. Love it! Langar í púðann, teppið og canvas-pokasettið, síðan er vírkarfan þín æði!


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