July 16, 2013

Rocking Chair before and after

I was picking at the local Salvation Army Monday morning and found this rocker...in the other corner sat a little side table... both are solid wood and fine quality so I decided to grab them and see what I could do!

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in pure white- 2 coats and sanded with the finest sandpaper I had on hand. I waxed the seat and handles of the rocker and put a little wax on. For the tabletop I sprayed Shellac protection film when I was done just in case there were spills

They both looked a little bare after I painted them so I decided be little more creative and dig out my stencils. The stencil I used is a template from my Auntie Martha Stewart and I used old violet paint from Annie Sloan

Do you love it?
Tomorrow I am showing you the other things that I found and how I transformed them!
I can't wait to show you

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  1. Nei, hættu nú alveg! Jeremías hvað þetta eru falleg húsgögn og stenslarnir koma svakalega vel út!

  2. Ohhhh....þessi ruggustóll er alveg að kála mér! Ef þú vilt losna við hann þá máttu bara senda hann til mín í hvelli.

    Púðinn er líka æði, er þetta er Feed-línunni í Target?

  3. Aljgört æði hjá þér mín kæra, þú ert ekki lengi að redda hlutunum, gaman að fá að fylgjast með þér :)

    kk Kikka


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