June 10, 2013

It started out small...

And then it grew like a snowball...
Once upon a time there was this Ikea cabinet. It was sitting very pretty in the basement storing bunch of things... but that was before the weekend came! Now it's standing in my craft room holding all of the craft stuff I have accumulated through the years...The paint, canvas, beads, scrapbooking, punchers and papers...Deco Chick has a lot of hobbies!
My daughter was in town so she helped me move it upstairs and I started mixing leftover paint that I had from Annie Sloan...Nothing beats her stuff! 

 No sanding just start painting which works great for me. Here is the cabinet after one coat. The colors I used were Old White, and Cocoa

Things get messy in the heat of the game...I usually try to contain myself and cover the floor while working and remember to take pictures while I am at it...
This project only took 2 hours from start to finish. I tell ya guys...it's the paint!

I decided after 2 coats to skip the sanding. The coverage was so beautiful and even that I didn't even want to mess with it. I changed the knobs though and replaced it with those glass one's from Home Depot

Now the fun part...moving it into the craft room and filling it up with things

I re-arranged the room a little bit but wasn't happy. Hubby was away in Ireland and it was pouring outside, so I decided to occupy myself and move onto the piano...

I ran to Counting Sheep and got more paint. I decided to make it darker this time...(yeah totally out of my character) but I tested it out first and loved it...

I tried a couple of colors and made a decision to use Graphite

After 2 coats it was time to sand it down and smooth! I used the finest paper I had and just lightly sanded in even strokes

I waxed it really well, especially the piano stool since it needs to be functional

Here is the Piano after and all decked up

What do you think so far? 
I didn't stop there...On Saturday I kept going since my boys had plans and weren't going to hang out with me anyways...

This is the desk I use for sewing and painting...it's beaten up to say the least but I always covered it up with a tablecloth... It comes with a shelf which is really cute. 
I decided it was time to make it over since I had some French Linen paint left over from another project. I really hoped it would do...I thinned it out a little bit to extend it and it came out nice in the end...till the last drop... below is the desk after the first coat

And here is the finished project

I have this old comfy chair in the room which I am sick of actually. I cover it up with a blanket most of the time...
(Sorry for the quality of the photo...The camera got lost for a bit since it was pretty messy around me with all the paint stuff)

I made a trip to Home Goods to see what I could find. I had just gotten those wonderful coupons they send you and I had a credit of $70
I ended up spotting this chair and I fell for it. In the end I paid $220 for it! 
At Home Goods other things pulled at me...it's funny how you go in there sometimes and nothing appeals to you but other times you see so many things...well this day was filled with things that captured my eye...

I added some new curtains to the windows. Light grey and flowy panels and a heart shaped boxwood wreath to add some green to the room. I also saw this Boston subway sign which I had to get ASAP

In the end I had a new room. I have blogged about this craft room of mine before and you can look at it HERE

I am pretty consistently impulsive. That's how things get done in my house. It can be a bad thing...sometimes I go in way to fast and all of a sudden I am in over my head and I curse myself for being this way. In the end I am always happy and things turn out fine. I think the key is to not be afraid of "Change"!
Monday Hugs for Y'all
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  1. Ja hérna hér!!! Aldeilis falleg útkoma eftir erfiði helgarinnar. Glæsilegt og hlýlegt hjá þér. Kær kveðja úr Firðinum fagra ;-)

  2. GLÆSILEGT! Þetta er ekkert smá flott, og btw þetta eru í það minnsta 5 póstar sem þú bara skellir svona fram öllum í einu :)

    U go girl!

  3. þvílíkur dugnaður, skápurinn góði er uppáhalds! :-)

  4. I saw your post through the link party. Your piano turned out amazing! I have an old upright I've been dying to refinish!
    Therena @ littlebitofpaint.blogspot.com

  5. æðislegt!!! vá hvað þetta er kósý herbergi langar mikið að gera mér ,,mitt" herbergi fyrir allt föndur dótið :D


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