January 12, 2013

My Haven

Did you catch my blog yesterday? 
Well I was on Pinterest and started looking at pictures of craft rooms...needless to say I got inspired. I had a little set up already in my living room but I wanted to make it more clean and flowing with the rest of the house since the room is on the main floor and very visible.
So that's what I was doing yesterday afternoon and I am blogging you from this desk in my craft room. The desk is from Pier One Imports, I have had it for many years and a shelf that came with it. It was in my youngest son's room and he wasn't using it since he moved "his office" down to the basement so I grabbed it...I love it!

So now I can sit and almost look at my hubby while he works in his office :-)

Saturday *HUGS* 


  1. Looking good ;) Frábærlega vel heppnað, til lukku með þetta!

  2. Vá! Æðislega kósý hjá þér,vel heppnað:-)
    Kv. Erla

  3. Ég er svolítið abbó núna, bara öööööörlítið! Þetta er náttúrulega æðislegt föndurherbergi, ótrúlega notalegt og lítur út fyrir að þar leynist líka mikið af föndurgóssi! :-)


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