January 11, 2013

Craft Room

Office, craft room, studio....whatever you call it...we all should have one, right? Or at least a corner you can claim your own...

I have a Martha's and Rosie envy...They have amazing craft rooms where there is space for everything...No hauling boxes up and down the stairs like I do...
Here is my current space...I call it my hangout studio... I have all my paint stuff in one place which is great but this room is the Formal Living Room (which usually nobody uses in American homes...some people call it the piano room, the coat room or something like that) I have the Piano placed there and a big comfy oversized chair and ottoman...But it's the placement of the room that I love- I prefer being on the main floor when doing projects plus the room is big and bright! However there are no doors to this room and I can't close it off if it's messy...and I am a messy crafter...so I am trying to figure out a tasteful way of working space that''s not an eye sore even though there is work being done in there...

Here they are together...my Idols....Love those gals
Here are some Craft Room inspirations for the new year...

Craft room.

craft space

Craft Room

Craft & Gift Wrap Room

Cream Craft Room

Tons of organizational ideas for craft rooms and offices

New Craft Room - Scrapbook.com

Craft Room

Craft Room

Craft room organization

laundry / craft room

I better get off the couch and start planning
Have a great Friday or Flidey like my good friend Marmie calls it!


  1. Fabulous picks you have here! Shelves indeed make a neat impression for craft rooms. Thank you for the ideas.


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