January 8, 2013

I am addicted to re-arranging!

I swear I have a problem. I put stuff up and then I start moving them around. It's like I can't leave it alone. Anyone else out there with similar problem?
I took the Christmas stuff off the mantle and I decided to keep it kinda cool and crisp with a hint of shabby...I go put boxes away in the basement when I find another one marked "Spring" and out comes the greenery...So once again I started messing around. This time I am completely satisfied with the outcome (who know's what happens next week tho) I also added the hearts in honor of upcoming "V" Day with a little heart ribbon...maybe it will help Hubby remember to buy me flowers?

 Below is the table in my family room that I painted white after the fireplace painting adventure galore.... I added a little greenery to that as well...

Rustic Bell Jar (or whatever it's called) from Michael's. It's from their Spring Garden Line...If you are a Michael's shopper I suggest you add their app to your phone and use it for electric coupons...This guy I got 40% off. I think I paid about $20 bucks for it.
Here are few additional items I dragged up from the basement for the side table

Smile guys...It's Hump Day!

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