March 19, 2013

Round Up Accessories

Around the we go again... Dusting is something I hate with passion but you have to do it. Last time I took a bath I looked around me and found myself appalled how dusty everything was...
To motivate myself I just grabbed everything off the shelves around the tub and cleaned...
My next project is this bathroom for sure. It needs to be upgraded. Hopefully by next Fall I will have an idea what to do, but in the meantime I will just beautify it a little bit to make it more appealing and functional...
 HERE is the link to the post of my last bathroom shenanigans.

A little rustic looking but I am the only one that takes baths so I was getting bored...Time for a change

I wanted to create a softer and lighter when I came across this pink claw foot bathtub at Michaels I knew it had to come home with me!

 I was thinking something like this...Storage container for shampoo and soaps

 I got these cute little hooks also at Michaels (Ashland collection 50% off this week)

A paper bird and a B sign for Bath or Me!
Okay...I was all set to start decorating around the looked very empty and lonely 
(but squeaky clean)

So I started arranging...this and that together....after almost an hour I decided to stop...I just wasn't feeling it...not in the mood and uninspired so I did the right thing...left it like this and decided to sleep on it...(totally out of character for me)
Today I started again and what a difference...I will let the pictures speak but I am really happy with the outcome. Afterwards I soaked in the tub with all candles lit and enjoyed the snowy day off!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ó, en notalegt hjá þér, kósí stemning og fallegir litir!


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