September 24, 2012

Around The Bathtub

I love taking baths. Relaxing and soothing, homemade bath salts, aromatherapy oils and candles lit, perhaps magazines or books handy, a glass of wine wouldn't hurt either- and of course music of choice!
You don't really need to go to a spa to relax, just go to your bathroom and lock the door :)
I have worked in the spa industry for a while and I am a spa-a-holic. It is so very easy to create the same feeling in your very own home. Little or small, fancy or doesn't really matter.
Aromatherapy has been a hobby of mine for a while and I make my own concoctions. I have taken several classes on the subject as well as the use of crystals and rocks in holistic body therapy sessions. It's really fascinating. If you are a total beginner I recommend the basic can even get seeds and grow it in pots. I harvest mine usually and add them to Epsom salt (from the drug store) If you have access to Essential Oils like Rose, Lavender, Eucalyptus then great. Any of those will do. (Available at Whole Foods)
Run a hot bath with Epsom salt mixed with lavender and add few drops of oil to the water..
Creating serenity in the bathroom is fun. This is around my bathtub right now:

Have a super Monday

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