September 21, 2012

Curb Appeal

I love decorating outside. The decorations have changed through the years as the kids get older. I have moved away from the typical creepy stuff to more of a soft fall look.
Here are before and after photos of my front door@22!

Lowe's has these little pumpkins that I snagged along with couple of more Mum's.
The wreath I saw at Michael's and had to have.. It's so cute and rustic and has a lot of potential for future seasonal deco's

I love that little pocket that holds the pumpkin

The shed got a little makeover too. 
I picked up bunch of pine cones and twigs from my yard and stuck in the flower boxes along with pumpkins and mum's

The white pumpkins I had from last year. They are made out of foam so it's easy to carve. I cut the top of the larger one and put flowers in it....

This is my little porch that I usually keep the herbs and when I sit there I can smell the basil and rosemary so strongly that it encourages me to cook something or make pesto. After a afternoon's worth of work outside I decided to relax with a big cup of coffee and a book my daughter gave to me.
Ahhh Me time at last...
Have a Fabulous Friday!

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  1. þú ert nú alveg ótrúleg, ekkert smá fínt og notalegt hjá þér!


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