September 20, 2012

I heart fall

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Box filled with Fall goodies...from

I keep looking at these pictures and thinking WOW...that is a Halloween and a Thanksgiving centerpiece in will last till Christmas right :-)
So I went once again to Michael's in search of window boxes or any kind of long boxes. I found these for $4.99 a piece. I decided 3's a good number

 I stained them with what I had in my collection already and sanded for more rustic look

I lined them with some burlap and started decorating. 
The white candles I already had but I actually got some real gourds for the natural look, but now I am this going to last inside or will they start rotting? Oh well...Keeping my house cool for the next weeks I guess.
I went digging in my fall box and found old potpourri some moss, and basket filler along with flower foam squares that I covered with burlap for a fill and different heights for the candles.
Here is the outcome...pretty fast project aside from the painting...
Drumroll Please.....

What do you think?

All the best


  1. Æðisleg skreyting, mér finnst haustið einmitt svo fallegt!

  2. Ótrúlega flott ! Eina sem ég mundi breyta er að hafa kertin frekar i cream heldur enn hvítu :)

    1. Ja thu segir nokk Jonina...held eg se bara sammala thvi, en thetta voru kertin sem eg atti og eg nennti ekki ut i bud til ad kaupa :-)


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