September 25, 2012


I admit it...I am a Wine-O!
Love my wine...white, red but most of all Pino Grigio... Everytime I see a funny wine label I buy it (well if it is under certain amount of course) if I don't want to spend money on it then I snap a picture.
Here are few that I have tried and are not bad...

Who can resist that pink label?

Sometimes Mommy's need a Time Out!

A Personal Favorite

Upside down Evil Wine

Francis Ford Coppola Reserve...
I started buying those when they came with a little Italian wine glass on top for free...gotta love FREE

I came across this creation the other day....A Vacuum packed bottle...not so sure

The Lazarus Wine bottle features a label printed in big bold braille....Who would have thunk?

Funny labels...hard to forget and easy to buy

Personal favorite....just so simple, personal and elegant and of course Italian

Not sure about you, but a book club with a wine theme or wine club with a book it what you want!

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