February 9, 2013

DIY Candle

I learned this tissue paper technique in my Pennsylvania days way back when. I used to rent 2 booths at the Green Tomatoes Craft And Antique Mall and sell my candles there. 
Seems like I see them everywhere again and there are so many ways to do them really. I was reading one of my favorite blogs and the blogger used the Mod Podge way for her beautiful candles. Take a look HERE the page is in Icelandic but I believe you can click on translate at the top of the page.
Here I am using already printed tissue paper (12x12) from Michael's, trimmer, heat tool, and a candle.

Start by trimming the paper according to the candle's height- I am using a thick candle so the 12x12  fits perfectly. Trim accordingly if needed. 

Take the heat gun and heat carefully up and down the candle until you start seeing the paper melt into the candle. If it starts dripping then you are holding the heating device too close to the candle. This process takes about 5 minutes or so. If you look at the candle I used you see that is uneven. It's an old candle that I just had on hand. The smoother the candle is the easier it is to melt the paper into the candle.
Here is the candle all done and lit up

I really don't like to waste so I used the remnants that I trimmed off for another candle and kind of casually put it around the candle with no exact pattern in mind. The candle was slimmer so I just trimmed the excess with scissors

Like I mentioned before there is not just one way of doing this. Mod Podge works just as well. If you are a stamper you can stamp on a plain tissue paper and emboss, cut the image out and melt into the candle. You could also put plain tissue paper and adhere it loosely on top of printer paper and print out your own image and then melt into the candle. I don't recommend using a hair dryer for the project because you want to heat up a very specific area at a time and you could burn yourself in the process.
Good Luck Gals


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