January 24, 2013

Dream Pantry

Who wouldn't love to have a perfectly organized pantry? Here in the U.S people with a standard American kitchen have a closet like pantry. There is a space with a door...differs in sizes but usually equipped with white coated steel shelves...pretty basic.

And then there are these...

The ultimate kitchen pantry

Small Pantry closet

pull out shelves for the linen closet. in the in-law suite, the bottoms will be plexiglass so you can see what's on each shelf from underneath.

There are so many ways to organize....It might be my next projects who knows?
Let's take a look at these "Dream" Pantries....compliments of Pinterest


This is fabulous...space for all the kitchen appliances so you can keep your counters clear




How about this fancy cabinet....there is space for all the cans in the world

pantry door

This is a great idea...switch out the ugly white door for something rustic like this, so beautiful!
Thursday *HUGS*

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  1. Great! I wanna have this kind of pantry doors, so organized. Keep on posting!


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