November 25, 2012

Bedroom Reveal

The time has come for the big bedroom reveal...If you have followed my little blog you know what I am talking about...Previous post click HERE
First of all we wanted to get rid of the carpet in the bedroom suite and preferably putting hard wood floor in. I didn't want the pergo or the vinyl...I wanted to match the rest of the house even though it took more time, work and money. We actually had to vacate the house for 2 days because the smell was so bad. Here are some before pictures showing you the rooms with the carpet still intact...(of course I forgot to photograph the bedroom with furniture still in them- I am always in a rush)

Then the new furniture arrived... and my oh my how much fun that was!
I love the piece I chose...

So at this point we are ALMOST done...always few little pieces here and there... The room adjacent to the bedroom (the one we work out in) got new floors too and the walk in closets. However at this point I am not ready to post that room quite yet...why? because the closets are not up and we have clothes and shoes all over the place until the closets get's installed in five days (Yup I am counting the days)  In the meantime I wanted to show you my bedroom...the one I always wanted with that "hotel" feel to it...I think I succeeded. What do you think?
Have a wonderful Sunday

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  1. Vá þetta er svakalega flott og smekklegt Brynja !


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