October 3, 2012

Thoughts on Master Bedroom

We have had the same bedroom furniture since we got married but the bed frame is cracked and  the nightstands are worn, we were discussing how we desperately need a new mattress too. With upcoming hard wood floor projects I think it is inevitable to switch to something more grown-up if you know what I mean.
So when the furniture will be removed to make room for new floor they won't make it back in.
So the perfect bed hunting begins. I thought this would be fun. Not so much.
Well I am on a budget, but I want a headboard that "wow's" me. 
I started looking on Pinterest and found bunch of great ideas regarding wall colors and decoration...bunch of shabby style...ohh so cute... the more I looked the more confused I got, so I got kinda discouraged and stopped looking. Now it's close to the time when the workers are coming to do the floor projects and I have to decide what I want to do...Arrrrrghhh!
Here is what I am drawn to....

Cherry Sleigh bed...Always wanted one....

 Cherry Canopy Four Poster

 Chesterfield with Linen fabric...Very chic....Then I started thinking...hmm the headboard will get dirty....the cat might puke on it or start using it as a scratching post....

Here is another one with linen fabric and whitewashed...strong possibility but again...the kitty... I want it to last for years...

This is my new style...French antique country look...very romantic but will I get bored of it?
Shouldn't I buy something more traditional and permanent?
(The picture actually shows an old cherry bed that has been repainted by the owner and is probably way over my budget)

This is at a hotel in London where I have never slept better. Something about the dark furniture and the hotel feeling really captures me. Maybe I will try to create the "hotel feel" without the stuffiness....Hmmm


I was so close to ordering this set last night....Hubby approved!
I am so glad I slept on that decision because when I woke up I had changed my mind. It's awfully dark wood....will it be a pain to keep dust free?

Today I am leaning towards this...I am 98% sure I will love this set...I know seriously how many times can you change your mind.

Ok, Dear readers....Help me out here. What are your thoughts on this pathetic decision? Inputs, Suggestions, Anyone? Is it too much to ask to feel like a Royal Queen?
Let me hear your voices peeps!
Thanks Bryn


  1. I would go with the cherry canopy, simple classic.
    I also like leather headboards.. this has the hotel kind of feel: http://www.parisperfect.com/g/photos/apartments/large_7-master-bedroom-with-balcony-and-an-up-front-eiffel-view-webwk.jpg

    - Þóra Dögg

  2. My darling....Þóra Dögg...your input is so appreciated!
    Right now I am just confused! Haha

  3. Go with traditional wood furniture. We switched to more grownup and I can say that I had some painted nightstands, you will get bored which is why I switched. Have I told you how much I love this site? Having said all that I love painted furniture...from la Cubana Lis

  4. Gracias por tu opinion La Cubana Lis...<3

  5. Good morning...I'm not sure if you had already made your decision...but regardless I wanted to tell you to go with whatever your heart desires :) They all look wonderful but at the end of the day it is your sanctuary and you will have to live with it day in and day out...just go with whatever makes you happy! No need for anyone's approval ;)


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