October 3, 2012

Paint Over's

 Do you ever get sick of the things you have? I do....Then I do something about it!

What a difference a coat of paint makes...

 Remember that Tag sale I went to? Among other things I picked up this old bar stool...A little chalk paint and sand me down it serves as a table in my Art room

This idea I got from another blogger http://stinasaem.blogspot.com/search/label/bor%C3%B0stofa
The blog is in Icelandic so you have to put the translator on, but the fabulous pictures really tell it all~I decided to do the same with a couple of baskets I had. One coat of Paris Grey and I have new rustic looking baskets that I love!

 I still like this tray from Southern Living at Home but it had become discolored and stained. After few coats of this and that and sanding in between...Not being happy with it so adding another coat of something else I am finally content....Here is the outcome

Live Love Laugh And Re-Decorate!


  1. Þú ert ofvirkur snillingur, efsta "karfan" er alveg uppáhalds!


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