October 1, 2012


I thought I would share with you my daughters bedroom. She is away for College and graduating as a Nurse this December. About 2 years after she left it was clear to me that she wasn't going to spend much time here. She is currently renting an apartment with 2 roomates down in Boston while she works on finishing school. It was a bit surprising to her when I decided to make over the room. I explained that I wanted to be able to host not only her in her old room but her future husband as well. You see....I am very practical!

Instead of her old Ikea bed she has had since she was 4 I opted for this beautiful set.
The bed is a full size- great size for the little room and a big dresser with 2 night stands. I kept the walls the same and some of the artwork so it would feel like her old room still....

 I absolutely love how the room came out. 
Sometimes I sneak in there to take a nap or read
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  1. Love my renovated bedroom! I'll be there tomorrow night. <3 Karó


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