November 18, 2012

Advent Wreath

I grew up in a very traditional household in Iceland. Before Christmas the women would gather and make their advent wreaths. Typically it was done with fresh twigs, pine cones and flower wire- sometimes those little red mushrooms or little fake berries were put in there too. Ribbon, and 4 candles-red or white. I remember my Mother making a fresh wreath ever single year and I would sit in the kitchen and watch her and her sister put them together. I sooo remember that the scent of the greenery - For me it meant that Christmas was coming.
I have never made the traditional advent wreath myself but I would like to. I have tried to be resourceful and come up with something super simple like sticking long candles into sand, rice or coffee beans in a bowl or just put 4 pillar candles on a tray and put pine cones around them. Me and my older sister usually trade pictures of our wreaths/arrangements  and we take pride in our creations.
Pinterest has opened my eyes wide and inspired me on so many levels. It's like a marketplace for your eyes.
I love it!
I know that the first Sunday in the Advent isn't until Dec 2nd this year but it's not too early to think about the wreath right? Usually the day creeps up on me and I throw stuff together but this year I want to do it in time

I love the red, green and white...very crisp look...
Then there are creative ways to create your own thing....simple, rustic and just using things you already have around you...

 Not quite sure what I will come up with myself this year. Thinking about going into my floral arrangement box and seeing what I find there before I run to the craft store. I know I have some moss in there so that actually can be a great start!
I will keep you posted
All the best 

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  1. Flottar hugmyndir af aðventuskreytingum :)
    Kv Guðný Björg :)


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