November 20, 2012

My Advent Arrangement

I am so tempted to do two Advent Wreath arrangements this year....I feel like I cheated because when I hauled  the floral box out of the basement and peeked in I saw that not only had I the moss like I thought but the berries and six small clay flower pots probably from a project that never got finished....I even had the it was easy to decide which Advent Wreath I would do....And the winner is....


 I painted the clay pots white (light coat) and filled them with styrofoam balls that fit perfectly in it. Next I stuck the candles in (they popped right in) and covered with moss and little berries and arranged them on a little tray I had....very simple!

 I also found this wreath among other things when I started digging into the I hung it up with a silk ribbon in the hallway....Isn't it cute?
I can't wait to start "Really" decorating for Christmas...but I am waiting till after Thanksgiving:-)
Have a great one


  1. MJÖG flottur krans - og sæt kisa sem þú átt :)

  2. Beautiful - simply beautiful!!

  3. Afskaplega fallegt hjá þér, að vanda!


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