October 26, 2012


Anything is possible one stroke at a time...
If you haven't tried it then I urge to. It's so relaxing and fun. What is is zentangle?

Even Rosie O'Donnell  is doodling, here is what she posted on Instagram last week

If you are brand new to this then all you need is paper and pen. Preferably black fine point pen. The rest is up to you. I keep a little sketch book in my purse and a pen. I have created few nice art pieces and some I have framed like this one
Happy Doodling


  1. Verð að læra þetta - svo fallegt.
    Knús í hús - Sjöbba :)

  2. kúl - ég er einmitt að reyna að skissa meira þessa dagana - áfram stabilo - þessi neðsta er súper flott !
    kv.Erla Margrét


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