October 29, 2012


Waves pound, Winds Whip, residents hunker down as Hurricane Sandy hits state. Forecasters have urged the public not to underestimate its strength even hundreds of miles away from where it makes landfall. Scary stuff.
This is the view from my window right now even though I am about 97 miles away from where the storm is supposed to hit and it is fierce out there. The noise of the weather is scary. I went ahead and baked bread this morning in case we would loose power. Potential wind and water damages is what worries me the most. Candles are lit and everyone is safe here. Schools are closed and businesses are down along with public transportation. 
Please stay safe my East Coast friends
Xo Bryn

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  1. Hi Deco,
    Things are worse on this side of town at 21. I feel like my house is going to get whisked away....


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