October 10, 2012

Spruce up your house for less

Those little things in your home like decorative touches can be mood changing. I am often asked how do you make everything so attractive and cozy. It's really not difficult because I have an eye for it, but there are people who have no clue where to start. If you want to create a soothing atmosphere in your space start with candles. If it's in an office filled with papers or in places that you are not allowed to light them, opt for those non flammable ones. Tea candles are always great. The next thing is pillows....Throw in some pillows 2-3...preferable with a pattern or color for contrast, Put a bowl on the table with poutpourri, rocks, or fruits. A green plant can add to that home-y feeling as well. I always like to have large baskets around to store things in, like throws, magazines or my crochet hook and yarn.

I went imaginary shopping at Ikea just for this blog to see what I could do to spruce up a family room or living room where you watch TV. My budget was $100

Let's see how I did...drumroll please....

Unscented Tea Lights $3.99/ Pack of 100
Tea Light Holders $4.99/ set of 8

A Round Steel Tray for the tea candles $14.99

A Table Runner for the coffee table- under the tray of tea lights for example $9.99
This Pillow can add life and texture to your couch or lounge chair $19.99
Hermine Throw $19.99
Plant Pot $6.99

Dragon Tree Potted Plant $1.99

Table Lamp $14.99/ Comes in variety of colors

Basket $12.99- Perfect for storing blankets and throws or magazines
 Grand Total: $110.90
pretty close........
All the best

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