October 11, 2012

Shabby Kitchen Table

 Here are before pictures of my kitchen table. I was reading about this Grey washing technique and wanted to try. The table doesn't look so bad in the photos but the top had taken a beating and all scratched up so I knew I had to do something other than cover it up with a tablecloth

 I was also tired of the green paint on the bottom

I have 6 chairs like this so I decided to paint 5 of them since only 4-5 chairs fit at the same time

So....I sanded and sanded with a little help from a De-glosser,  then I mixed up some MyColor paint from Lowe's- white and grey with a little bit of glaze in it and water and started working...after one coat and sanding down I wasn't happy at all....it kinda looked a little bit more weathered than I wanted- I think this technique probably works best on very dark wood.
Lucky for me I had a liter of Annie Sloan white paint in my cabinet and ready to be used...
With chalk paint you don't have to sand before you paint, it's a little bit more expensive than regular paint but you save on the primer and time, plus it lasts really well.
The table got another coat and a sanding and this morning I did the chairs.
I decided to add some polycrylic on the tabletop for better cleaning as well as the seats of the chairs.

 Here is the table in between coats of the Polycrylic. I probably did 3 thin coats and after it was dry I waxed a little bit....not sure why just felt like I had to do it...LOL

 The green still shines through but I like it. It's the weathered shabby look I was looking for

I am happy with the outcome and it looks great in the room!
Live Love Laugh


  1. Wow!! You put a lot of work into that!! I bet it makes the room look a lot bigger too!!

  2. should have said Love it! from Lis

  3. What color did you choose for cushions Deco Chick? Sinny

  4. Sinny....I am still looking for the "right" cushions...I will sure let you know what I choose. FYI I miss you terribly xo B

  5. Great job! The room looks so alive after what you’ve done with the table. And I am excited with the cushion color as well. Pretty cozy place by the way.



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