October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkins this weekend...a tad bit early than usual but we had special guests from Iceland visiting and we wanted to expose them to some traditional Halloween festivities!
Me and hubby always get a bit competitive when it comes to fancy carving but this year I gladly admit that he outdid us all!

Here is Bjarki my youngest son carving his pumpkin

Here I am with Helena one of our guests


 Bjarki and Helena concentrating on their pumpkin faces

 I opted for a plain ole Witch on a broom....Classic

Here is hubz creating his masterpiece! 

 Finished but just chillin on a bench... waiting for the dark to come so we can light them up

 This is always the fun part, now you can really see the design 

 Taa Dahhh The winner is......

Have a fabulous Monday Guys


  1. Gaman Saman

  2. Mjög flott og greinilega verið gaman hjá ykkur :-)


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