August 4, 2012

A Little Tray Goes A Long Way

I love trays. Big small medium I use them all.
I found this unfinished square one at AC Moore and immediately thought wow... perfect size for me when I eat my breakfast on the patio. So with that in mind I started the project. 
I wanted white weathered look but with an accent to it so I started going through my 12x12 papers and they fit perfectly inside. So armed with white paint and decoupage I started.

I found this perfect paper. looked so good on there...

The tray was painted and I started the decoupaging ...once...twice
Too many seemed such a simple task but I was failing at it miserably. So I did what I do best...I left it overnight and started all over next morning. 

Here is my 2nd try with a new sheet. FAIL!

This is a brand new day and third time is a charm...It looked kind of bathroom-y after this breakfast tray got a job upstairs in the master bedroom for now!

It looks perfect with my lotions and potions

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  1. vel heppnaður, sniðugt að setja skrapp pappír í botninn!


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