July 18, 2012

Family Room (again)

The family room is finally coming together. New carpets are in, shades for the skylights are up...all I am waiting for is the shutters for the last big window. Last night was really the first time I sat there alone and enjoyed myself. It was at dusk time and candles lit. I couldn't resist snapping off few pictures.

I have completely transformed the room. It is nothing like it was before just by painting!
If you have looked at any previous blogs of mine you can see that I started by painting the fireplace...after that I kept on going...I was unstoppable. Manic little me!
Instead of getting new sofas I got slipcovers, I spent real money on the blinds for the skylights -(a great investment) the carpet (which was gross and worn out) and the biggest splurge was the shutters. I called Budget Blinds and they came to my house with samples, measured for me and are due to install them as soon as the order comes in. (9 weeks) so hopefully by mid August I can show off my new windows.

Here are before and after pictures

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  1. Vá engin smá breyting á stofunni! Arininn finst mér bara algjört æði. var búin að sjá fyrir/eftir myndirnar af honum áður. En stofan hjá þér er orðin alveg ofboðslega falleg í heild sinni.
    kv Stína


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