July 20, 2012

It’s a Beautiful day in the neighborhood

These photos are from my neighbor's backyard. I was taking care of his dog when he was away on business this week. I love going over there early in the morning. It's just me and the dog. Our moment. I drink my coffee and he does his thing then we just sit there for a little bit. The following photos are all published with the owner's permission.

The landscape is very masculine,- rocks, grasses and stone. The color combination is really calming.

Apple Tree and Buddah- This area would be great for Yoga, meditation, massage table, bistro spot....name it...I can vision it!

Brush this little cart off and fill it with goodies!

A Beautiful Chiminea

Then there is the pool. Great perks for dog sitting!

A little evening swim for the kids- priceless

This is my little buddy Brady. He loves going into the pool to swim

Have A Super Duper Friday Everyone!

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