July 5, 2012

Sumar Blogg Party Hja Stinu Saem

Here is my contribution to Stina Saem Blog Party.

This is my backyard -I love it! It wasn't always like that but with time, patience (and professional help) we made it our Oasis. Here are few pictures that I took this morning:

This is my favorite spot. Period.
 Partly sunny most of the day. Perfect for a cup of coffee in the morning or cocktails with friends in the afternoon. (Of course after 18:00) :-) The adirondack chairs are really comfortable.

Here is my second favorite spot in the yard. Perfect for reading when the sun gets to strong.

Great Eating Area. Too bad we don't use it as often as we should. New England is muggy and hot at this time a year and the mosquitos are relentless in the evenings.

My boys love this little patio which is separated from the other one. This is where they have friends over and light a fire in the pit. Sometimes we roast marshmallows.

A little Bistro table I have had for a while. The other chair broke. Not really sturdy or comfy but I like having it there to throw my towel onto when I use the hot tub.

Every Oasis needs a Buddah right?

Here are my tomato plants and herbs. I keep those on the other side of my patio. I also have bunch of Basil growing in pots on the balcony. We love making Pesto and Caprese salad in the summertime.

Few pictures of my flowers. The first picture is a climbing plant called Clematis. I am hoping it will take off and cover the Pergola with time. The second picture is of one of my many Lavender Plants. I absolutely love Lavender. The smell is divine!

At last...some random pictures of my flowers. Seasonal and Perennials. I sure hope you enjoyed this little visit to my backyard. 
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Takk fyrir að taka þátt og svo gaman að sjá bloggið þitt.Þetta er það skemmtilega við svona link party, að finna ný blogg:) og vá frábær aðstaða sem þú ert með, alveg algjör dásemd.
    kær kveðja Stína

  2. Vá hvað allt er fallegt og stílhreint hjá þér - og segi eins og Stína, gaman að vera búin að finna bloggið þitt! Leitt með moskítóflugurnar...


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