July 6, 2012

The Paint Bar

I was introduced to the Paint Bar http://www.thepaintbar.com/ located in Newton MA roughly a year ago. This is a really neat concept. You don't have to have any talent whatsoever. Basically, you register, show up and pay your $35- and guaranteed you will have a ball.
Alone or with friends, with your hubby or your kids. Birthday Parties, Bachelorette parties or Corporate Events.
The classes are at night for the most part and there is an open bar. The instructor is very lively and funny and everyone participates in the fun.
I did a little search and found out that these places are all over the States but  have different names such as: Sip'n Paint, Canvas and Cocktails, Paint and Wine Studio, etc..etc.. It soooo makes me want to take this concept to Iceland where I am from and open a studio.

This my first picture that I painted:

Here is one of Big Ben that I tackled. It was a good try...

This is me and my friend Ronda with the final outcome

I decided to start dabbling on my own. I went online and printed out pictures I thought I could pull off like this one:

Then the Boston Skyline-not as hard as it looks actually

Wow... so I was hooked! Another hobby...just great! 
I decided to dedicate part of the living room to my art. 

At last, here is my latest work. Cape Cod Massachusetts where I love to spend time!

What do you think? Would you attend a class like this?

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