June 19, 2012

Wine Corks

Drinking wine is one of my most enjoyable things to do. Red in a big goblet in front of the fire in the wintertime or white on a hot humid night on the patio. I recycle the glass bottles but keep the corks. (especially if they are on the pricey scale) I have through the years accumulated a whole bunch which I keep in glass vases and bowls for decoration.
 I was at Michael's yesterday and they had these shadow boxes on sale. I brought one home to put my expensive corks in for display and good memories.

It really is such a simple thing to do and it looks really cool. This will go on my kitchen wall and I am thinking about grabbing few more frames for future projects.

Here are other ideas from the world wide web that I encountered.

I went to a wedding last year where they actually used the corks as a name tag holders...so neat

I tried doing this wreath few years ago but it ended up way to big and uneven.

Feeling crafty? That's a cool Keychain!

Wow That's a lot of cork...
On one of my adventures through Tuscany I saw this curtain made out of corks

Here is the last idea that I thought was really cute

Happy Hump Day Everybody, Have a Great One!

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