June 17, 2012


Here is an example of how easy it is to buy a slipcover instead of buying a new couch when the old one is perfectly fine and comfortable.

I went to Bed Bath And Beyond and purchased one slipcover for the sofa not overly hopeful it would work out for me. I had tried the concept once before and it was just plain annoying, never stayed in place and the kids ripped it so it got thrown out. I decided on this "higher end" cover $99 for a loveseat size in dark brown.

The fabric felt nice and stretchy and very soft and it was extremely easy and quick thing to put it on

Good front and back coverage

I got some pillows from TJ Maxx and Christmas Tree Shop 

Here is the couch before

This worked so well that I bought another slipcover for the sofa.

2 new sofas = $220.....Yeaaaaah!

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