June 16, 2012

Accidental Kitchen Project

Okey, I am spontanious.
 I was getting ready to gut out the boys bathroom (a project long overdue)
So I hired my usual guys from United Homeworks and started ordering the new cabinets and and appliances for it. As everything got delivered I got a phone call from Lowe's saying that the shower was on back order. Hmm...what to do? I had the guys scheduled to start the following week so my head started spinning. In the meantime our fridge was breaking down and Hubby decided to surprise me with a new one...since I like all to be matching we had to order a stove and a range as well in stainless steel. (our dishwasher is already a stainless steel) I admit it I am a royal pain in the behind...
 When the guys showed up for work I had my house filled with kitchen appliances ready to be installed. They got quickly to work and in one day installed everything.

  Afterwards we sat down and discussed the look of the kitchen and future projects. How about a back splash? Since I had already spent so much money on the bathroom I decided to be frugal. I visited Home Depot and found these funky tiles ($10 each) I knew I needed about 27 so I decided to go ahead and buy them.

Here is a photo of the kitchen with added tile back splash and the new appliances.
Another idea we came up with since my ceiling is so high was to go ahead and create a finish look of the cabinets and add crown molding. This would really make this kitchen "richer" and create more flow to it.
I went ahead and decided it had to be done...Stat....right?

 Here is a picture of the kitchen all finished. I decided at the last minute that my old lights were ugly so I replaced them with these chandeliers.
I am still wondering what to do with the window. I will keep you posted on that!

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