June 2, 2015

For those who are not good at drawing

Ever heard me say this before....Zentangle?
I love doodling but I am not an artist in anyway shape or form...but I want to be!
I collect stuff on Pinterest and one folder contains Zentangle/Watercolors. I have been doodling for few years and I just love it. Last time when I was at Michael's I picked up these watercolors and some watercolor paper. I used my Micron Pens ( I got a set on Amazon) They are fabulous and don't bleed. I usually just sit down and play....flowers or pattern like these

I made a Birthday card for a little man I know

and today I sat down to kill some time and drew this pumpkin

It's easier than you think. When you add watercolors to the whole thing it looks more professional....
I encourage you to google Zentangle or go to Pinterest....So many fun ideas.
Happy Tuesday
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  1. They look awesome! I will definitely like to give it a go!

  2. jahérna þú segir nokkuð... ég vissi ekkert hvað þetta kallast og nú er ég bara stökk á pinterest að skoða Zentangle. Þetta er algjör snilld og rosalega vinsælt hérna. og hvað meinarðu með að vera ekki listamaður, veit ekki hvað á að kalla þetta annað en list ;)
    Takk fyrir frábærann póst Brynja
    kær kveðja


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