May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect, a little on the cooler side but that is never a problem for me. Friday was spent sprucing up the patio area. 2 weeks ago I hurt my back really bad. I think I pulled a muscle so I haven't been able to function as usual. Things have not been moved around as much (cough) but I am much better now thank goodness. So I started by going to the Christmas Tree Shop where you find really really great bargains for next to nothing....I started with getting a new doormat to set the mood...

A couple red stripe outdoor pillows 


The outside walls need work. It was badly constructed from the start and hasn't held up well. I am waiting till the fall to fix it so in the meantime I stuck some goofy lizards on the wall....

These colorful tray's were $6.99 and I bought the blue and white ones

I couldn't resist these signs, a little color makes the area brighter

The rest of the weekend we spent mostly on the patio. I had a little get together with friends for appetizers and some bubbly to kick start the season. We took Nugget for his first hike and he saw a horse for the first time in his life and what a reaction.... He was so funny! I wish I had my camera with me. Today we are heading to a BBQ so Life is Good!
Happy Memorial Day
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  1. Such a beautiful outdoor space! Love your lizards and those white and red striped pillows...everything looks great!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  2. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

  3. Ofsalega fallegt og líflegt hjá þér Brynja! Ekki alveg laust við smáááá sumar öfund hérna megin... meira eins og haust dagur hér í dag en þá er bara kósý inni :)

  4. Ohhhhhh - ég er að farast úr öfund yfir allri þessari fegurð - svo ekki sé minnst á veðrið!



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