March 12, 2015


Flowers can easily brighten any one's day. I am in the habit of picking up fresh flowers every Friday and putting it in a vase for my own enjoyment. I think flowers make any space attractive and it's fun to look at them. I previously told you that I was starting Floral School to learn flower artistry. It's been a month and I have learned so much. The program is intense and jam packed with all kinds of info about the Florist business and basic knowledge plus arrangements. I am going for the second half in a week and I can not wait. We will focus more on big and tall arrangements and celebration pieces.

I wish I had taken more photos but some days we were just so busy. I tried as best as I could to gather  pictures of various arrangements I learned to do. Of course the hand tied wedding bouquet is nowhere to be found....Ah well... You can always click on the Instagram button to the left if you want to see more

Great news....The shower door arrived today and I have a date for the granite installation for the bathroom!
Can't wait to show you

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  1. Vá! Þessar skreytingar eru æðislegar! Gerðir þú þær allar?
    Ég er ein af þeim sem hef ekki kommentað mikið (ef nokkurn tímann) en hef mjög gaman af því að lesa bloggið þitt :)

    Kv. Margrét Helga


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