March 16, 2015

Easy Floral DIY

I have always loved the look of fresh flowers in clear vase. Especially in the bathroom or on a coffee table. So I was browsing at Michael's and I found this gel type resin for silk flowers.
I grabbed it and some silk flowers that were on sale and decided to try. This is super easy... I cleaned the vase that I had on hand, and mixed ....

I put the gel in and made a guide with a floral tape. You can use a regular tape.

I didn't have that many roses to fill up the vase so I wanted them evenly distributed

When you use the tape to guide the stems it's easier to make them all even. You also have to make sure the stems go into the gel so it looks believable.

I tried this with some faux Hydrangeas. It came out great!

Hope you had a great Monday

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