March 20, 2015

Flower Friday

Today is Friday....I always get flowers on Fridays. I did pretty good this morning. There was a brand new shipment that had come in and bunch and bunch of cheap Tulips. I grabbed some greens and then I found these beautiful big Hydrangeas....Ahhh I love those. I also got a mixed bunch that they were trying to get rid of and some Oasis. I think I spent about $35. I came home and started playing

I was disappointed with the conditioning of the Tulips so I ended up tossing a bunch of them unfortunately

Here is the Arrangement that I created. 

My confidence is getting better so much better and I can whip these up in about 15-20 minutes

I had some leftover so I made a couple of Ikebana arrangements

And the Tulips...they are just beautiful anywhere....

Happy Friday!


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