March 22, 2015

Few things in the "NEW" bathroom!

  Happy Sunday everybody... Once again I am discussing my bathroom renovations. I wanted to show you the fabulous door solution we came up with. Below is a before photo. The door opened into the bathroom and blocked the shower. The placement of it was awkward. I am sure you have heard of the barn doors by now....they are very popular in the US. They come instead of a pocket door to create more space.

new bathroom in the works. I was glad to part with this door

I happened to stumble upon this website and found the perfect hardware for the new door. HERE is the link. It was a bit pricey I thought but the whole thing came to about $400
I have to say that this is extremely sturdy design and the door slides smoothly back and forth

Here is a view from inside the bathroom. It fits perfectly. I couldn't be any happier!

So the next thing I wanted to show you was the window. It's a small window, fairly private so I wasn't concerned so much with people seeing in but we all know how it is.....I felt the need for privacy without blocking. Here is a picture of the window before we started renovation

Derek, from Paquette Industries reframed the window and made it look much better...

I found this rice paper adhesive film at Lowe's and decided to try it for the window

It looks cool. I still get a bunch of light in. 
Tomorrow the granite is supposed to be installed. It's always exciting to see what you picked out few weeks back...I remember it was light grey with splashes of darker color....
Tomorrow is the last week of School for me. Mixed feelings for sure. I am sure you will get to see some flowers from me this week!

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