November 28, 2013

Tillandsia and fresh flowers

They brighten my day. I pick up fresh flowers frequently from the store. I usually get a big bouquet and split it into 2-3 wands. I was at Wegman's floral department yesterday looking at these strange plants that need almost no care at all...they are called Tillandsia, Tilly or sometimes Airplant. They are very hardy and need very little care...You basically mist them once a week and make sure they get plenty of light without direct sunlight...Seems easy enough so I grabbed 2 of them. They already have a bud in the middle so I assume they will bloom soon

I put them in a glass bowl on top of some dried tomatoes for contrast. I have seen them placed in glass globes too

Aren't they cool? Kinda spidery look to them. I can't wait to see if I keep them alive. I have no real plants in my house aside from my 2 dying orchids. With fresh flowers it's easier for me, all I do is put them in water and enjoy 

What about you? Do you buy flowers for yourself?
I think you should


  1. Alltaf fallegt hjá þér krúttið mitt :)

  2. allt svo fallegt hjá þér! Blómin gera svo sannarlega mikið!


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